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Having an effective cloud strategy can be a differentiator for successful organizations.

When businesses properly develop and execute their cloud strategy, they can avoid unnecessary costs, drive efficiencies, and make better business decisions.

Struggling with your cloud strategy? Scroll down to access our whitepapers, videos, and solution briefs. From security considerations to workload alignment, download these resources for a better understanding on how to approach your cloud strategy.

An effective cloud strategy addresses:

People — Who do we have in-house that can support current and future environments? Who are the stakeholders, and have they been properly included in decision-making? Who might be worthwhile external partners?

Processes — Are our processes efficient and effective? How do they correspond to our workloads? Are workloads and applications maximizing experience, output, and other organizational goals?

Technology — What existing technology is worth keeping, and what is worth leaving behind? What new technologies should be considered? How should technologies be combined for optimal interoperability?

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Getting IT Right: The Road to IT Transformation

Discover what IT leaders are learning and doing, what this means for your organization, and how to make smart advances..

The whitepaper covers:

  • What IT optimization means today plus a quick progress report
  • Top business goals and how IT will support them
  • How IT leaders are juggling the need to “keep the lights on” with innovation projects
  • Public cloud and hybrid cloud usage and best practices
  • Choosing best-fit platforms

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Security in the cloud

Protecting data in cloud environments can be complicated. Internal IT groups are likely taking security precautions and cloud providers also offer some safeguards. This needs to be managed against your organization’s data security requirements and compliance standards. How do you integrate all of this?

Cover your bases by developing a cloud strategy that everyone can follow, with help from these resources:

Whitepaper — 10 Rules to Protect Workloads in a Hybrid or Public Cloud
Learn how to secure cloud data and avoid costly mistakes.

Whitepaper — Moving Workloads to the Public Cloud? Don’t Forget About Security.
Best practices for creating a security strategy that’s cloud-ready.

Tech Tuesday Webinar — Hybrid Cloud Data Protection
Real-world lessons learned about adopting a secure, hybrid cloud strategy.

Operationalizing the cloud

If your cloud strategy fails to address how the environment will be managed, then it is incomplete. An effective strategy will ensure you have assigned responsibilities, forecasted costs, assessed skills and capacity, and guidelines to help prevent outages and downtime. This sets the stage for maximizing cloud investment and accomplishing business objectives.

Start by browsing these cloud management resources:

Whitepaper — Managing the Public Cloud: Who Owns What?
Differing types of cloud services bring different challenges for IT groups. Managing IaaS is not the same as managing PaaS or SaaS offerings. Dive deep into the details with this whitepaper.

Solution Brief — Managed Cloud Services
What does a fully managed off-premises solution look like? Explore our Managed Cloud offering, designed for easy integration, and business continuity.

Solution Brief — Comprehensive Cloud Strategies and Solutions
Capitalize on the power of the cloud. See our step-by-step process, plus real-world success stories, in this brief.

A critical component

One of the most important questions organizations must answer when creating a cloud strategy is: Which workloads should run on which platforms? Unfortunately, there is no one correct answer. Rather, the best solutions result from a thorough analysis of your business requirements. While IT groups are often familiar with established best practices, many organizations also benefit from working with a proven partner for cloud and data center transformation.

Learn more about our approach:

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